De Angelis Wines

2010 San Luis Obispo County Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

California: Paso Robles

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Mission Briefing


Heaven sent

De Angelis Wines is one of our most popular small-production Pinot Noir producers. With good reason, too. Their wines always please our picky palates with complexity, elegance and a drinking experience that exceeds expectations every time.

Today’s De Angelis Wines 2010 San Luis Obispo County Pinot Noir is a hearty wine with a truly elegant edge. This is a flexible Pinot Noir, one that is as equally enjoyable as a solo-sipper as it is a food friendly companion to a wide variety of pairing choices. The wine has great structure and a balanced acidity, without overdriven fruit. Think hearty and elegant with this delectable wine.

Decant this highly recommended Pinot Noir for best results. As the wine opens up, it really begins to come to life, revealing fuller fruit flavors.

Tasting Profile


Beautiful and luxurious crimson at its heart, with a long transition to a lighter ruby at the edge.


Absolutely lovely on the nose, with deep notes of stewed plum and blackberry leading the way. These are laid overtop a foundation of berry bramble, tobacco leaf, black pepper, clove, and a subtle hint of sage.


Lush and refined on the palate, this wine leads with fruity notes of bing cherry, braised plum, and dark boysenberry. As the wine opens, it reveals flavors of fresh forest floor, dark baking spices, and the subtle essence of a perfectly seared steak.


After benefiting from decanting, the finish is long and lasting, with the dark fruit yielding to notes of earth and spice. At the very end, a subtle river rock minerality lingers on the tongue.


Not a cocktail sipper, this wine is greatly improved when paired with a hearty meal. We suggest a grilled turkey leg filet with a Provencal herb rub.

What the Winery Says

This wine was made from a lot of fine, cool weather fruit from the Cerro Prieto Vineyards on the west side of Paso Robles, California. A smaller lot of fruit was sourced from the Templeton Gap area, a prestigious growing area also found in Paso Robles. This combination of fruits grown in two distinct regions of Paso Robles resulted in a wine of great balance.

The resultant wine is a classic Pinot Noir, that exhibits a fine mouth feel, as well as a long finish, great spice, and wonderful fruit both on the nose and palate. From the time this wine was in a barrel, it was clear that it would be a very fine representation of a De Angelis Pinot Noir. We have paired the wine with many different dishes as we allowed it to age, with it standing up well to both simple and aggressively seasoned foods.

Jerry and Marsha De Angelis
Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, California
Aged 18 months in French and Eastern European Oak
Production Notes
Only 125 Cases Produced

About the Winery

In 2006 we were asked to help design a new winery, where wines would be made for a number of people as well for as ourselves. We accepted. During that year we not only made wines for others, but established De Angelis Wines. De Angelis Wines is a small production label, where each wine is crafted by hand. The fruit for our wines is sourced from our own small vineyard in San Luis Obispo County, as well as the Santa Barbara area, and the Sacramento Delta. The total production of our 2006 wines was 355 cases. Production in 2007 was 535 cases of our wines. We increased production in 2009 to 735 cases. In addition, we also managed to make approximately 12,000 cases for other folks at the winery. Our latest work in wine making was completing a 2011 harvest, followed by accepting invitations to design, and help build, two new wineries, and to be the winemakers and/or consulting winemakers at both. So in what area do we make all these great wines? That area is Paso Robles, CA.

This story is not terribly dissimilar to others who have gone from home to professional wine makers. We did this fairly quickly. One reason is that one of us has a doctorate in chemistry, so that part was easy. The other reason is that we are probably – when one combines our ages, either the oldest, or one of the oldest pair of winemakers on the planet – 136 years young. This experience is very important as we make wine, manage our vineyard, and manage the winery in general. Additionally, we still do quite a bit of the work ourselves. This is often to the chagrin of our young, impressionable, but terrific staff.

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