Miro Cellars

2011 Silverwood Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon •Silverwood Vineyard

Pine Mountain-Cloverdale Peak

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Mission Briefing


The Magician

Miro Tcholakov must be a magician. That, or just a really talented winemaker. Either way, we’ll keep on featuring wines from his Miro Cellars winery.

Today’s Miro Cellars 2011 Silverwood Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon is an ultra QPR (Quality to Price Ratio) wine that delivers an incredible drinking experience - for a relatively low purchase price. Such wines are increasingly rare.

If you love rich, juicy, balanced Cabernet Sauvignon, we know that you will love today’s Miro Cellars masterpiece!

Tasting Profile


A nearly opaque, impossibly dark plum at its heart, with just an ever so slightly lighter ruby at the fringe.


Lovely on the nose, with the dark fruit notes of blackberry and plum supported by fresh sandalwood, aged cigar box, dark chocolate, star anise, and just a touch of spicy black pepper.


Rich and wonderfully well balanced, with just about the perfect level of complexity between fruit and spice. Plenty of concentrated, young black fruit, highlighted by plum, black currant, and blackberry, are rounded out by notes of berry bramble, cherry tobacco, espresso bean, clove, black peppercorn, and a touch of pomegranate black tea.


A soft, elegant, and absolutely drinkable wine, with the super fine tannins and plush dark fruit slowly trailing away and slightly drying the edges of the palate. After the fruit fades, you are left with hints of terroir and spice on the tongue.


A seared veal chop, served with fingerling potatoes, Portobello mushrooms, and roasted peppers.

What the Winery Says

Silverwood Vineyard is located almost at the top of Cloverdale’s Pine Mountain—the newest appellation in Sonoma County. The vineyard is at 2200 feet elevation above the meandering Russian River down in the valley. The soil there is as rugged as it gets: mostly decomposed rock and shale. This is extreme viticulture! The allure of mountain grown grapes is the extended sunshine and more intense solar radiation. This vineyard is above the fog layer and experiences milder temperature inversions—cool days and warmer nights. All of that contributes to abundant but soft tannins, deep dark color and pronounced fruity aromas in the blueberry-blackberry spectrum.

The moderate temperature inversion at 2200 feet elevation—and the terroir in general—makes this wine richer in tannins, with concentrated wild blackberry and blueberry aromas, and enhanced varietal-specific flavors of dark fruits, slight earth and minerals and subtle spices. This wine, if properly stored, should age well for 5-10 years. Cheers!

Miro Tcholakov
Pine Mountain-Cloverdale Peak, Sonoma County, California
Silverwood Vineyard

About the Winery

Born and raised in northern Bulgaria, a region with many millennia of winemaking history, Miro (Miroslav) Tcholakov was exposed to wine and winemaking at a very early age. His grandfather had long made the family supply of wine. As a boy, Miro was at his side during all phases of the process.

After completing his mandatory military service, he attended the Higher Institute of Agriculture in Plovdiv where he studied viticulture and enology. Soon after graduation, in the summer of 1990, he was chosen from hundreds of candidates to participate in an international exchange program in agriculture set up by The Future Farmers of America. After a few months in Napa, he was taken on as harvest intern at Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Vineyard. What was supposed to be a temporary harvest job turned into a nine-year position moving through the ranks from Cellar Master to Assistant Winemaker in 1997.

In 1998 Miro went to work as Winemaker for Trentadue Winery, which is still his “day job.” In addition to bringing more acclaim to the winery by creating world class award-winning wines, Miro’s duties include overseeing many custom crush operations for some renowned winemaker clients. In 2001, Miro became his own customer with his inaugural bottling of his Petite Sirah. Within a few weeks of its release, it received a fat 90 points and a “well-endowed” write-up from Robert Parker, Jr. in the Wine Advocate.

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