Philosopher Thomas Hobbs once stated that “Curiosity is the lust of the mind,” an idea that imagination and divergent thinking are a sought-after experience, something that required inspiration. Here at The Walls, our inspiration is the goal of making curious wine and that is consistently achieved with each vintage of our Curiositas. “Curiosity is the soul of our wines,” says Mike. “It is what drives our willingness to engage in the depths of the complexity of wine and this wine celebrates that. We could make it easier on ourselves, but we must fulfill our curiosity.”

The unique soils and microclimates of Red Mountain, coupled with Eastern Washington’s infamous diurnal flux, bear fruits with a true certainty of place. This is typically the warmest growing region in Washington, with daytime averages of 90 degrees and lows dropping below 50. These fluctuations in temperatures promote sugar accumulation with the day’s heat while cool nights conjure balanced acidity. Red varietals dominate on this AVA’s sweltering slopes, and it is well-known for its Rhone varietals, but we also find a particular thrill in the uniquely-suited Spanish and Portuguese fruits it produces. We have a lot of fun in this bright spot and that joy truly shows in the wines we’ve created from it.

Curiositas is an elegant, complex and lush, yet subtle, wine. Its tone of freshness evokes a Margaux-styled fragrant Cabernet Sauvignon. Planted high on Red Mountain these vines get full exposure to all the elements. Fermented in 100% concrete tanks and aged for 18 months in 70% new French oak, Curiositas is an elegant, complex and lush, yet subtle, wine.