The House of Lanson makes the difficult choice to declare vintages only in years that can truly be considered exceptional. 1904, 1928, 1955, 1971, 1976, 1983 and 1990 are great Vintages that have gradually built the reputation of Champagne Lanson. Nowadays, Lanson is particularly famous for its collection of Vintage Champagnes.

The year 2008 produced exceptional wines from a climate full of contrasts. The convergence of dry and cool weather led to ideal maturation of the grapes, giving them a rare and exceptional balance of freshness and concentration found only in the greatest vintages. Gold Label 2008 brings together very fine, straight and pure wines with incredible precision on the palate, characterised by this unique balance of freshness and concentration. It has excellent potential for laying down.

A Champagne with a golden colour whose fine bubbles form delicate beads of foam. The elegant, complex nose reveals aromas of candied citrus fruit combined with notes of marzipan and lightly honeyed floral notes. Allowed to breathe, the honey fragrance becomes more intense and hints of biscuit, crème brulée, lightly toasted nuts and sweet spices intensify its palette of complex, delicate and penetrating aromas. The initial impact is dense and fresh with notes of ripe fruits balanced with chalky, saline notes, developing into a palate with a noble, dense and precise texture and great purity. The flavours of white fruit, candied citrus fruit and honeyed notes combine wonderfully with the huge, characteristic freshness of this vintage, their balance creating a complex, elegant, lively wine with a perfect harmony of flavours and freshness.

A wine that expresses all the elegance, complexity and freshness of the Lanson style. Gold Label 2008 is the perfect accompaniment for creamy fish dishes, white meat and aged Comté cheese.