Planted in 1969 to just 5 acres of the prized Old Wente Clone [a rare, noble Chardonnay from Meurseault], Green Acres Hills Vineyard is hallowed ground for Chardonnay in Sonoma Carneros. Blue-grey fingers of Pacific Ocean fog descend over the hills, lingering well into late morning the next day while afternoon Bay breezes provide a cooling encore - all helping fruit ripen slowly to produce an aromatic, intensely concentrated Chardonnay with a compelling acid backbone.

Harvested by night and made using gentle methods to preserve clonal character, our Chardonnay delivers an exhilarating bouquet of white flowers and wet stone, followed by layers of green apple, pear, lemon curd and ginger on the palate – finishing long with an exquisite minerality that is unmistakably Sonoma. Oceans Churning 2014 Old Wente Chardonnay is an elegant homage to a special place in California’s viticultural history.

*“For more than twenty years, I worked to develop and commercialize affordable medicines for human health. After years of exploring the vineyards of Burgundy and Northern California, and honing my winecraft as a garagiste, I pour my passion into this offering.

Memorable wines are born in unique places and often made in small lots. This is my mission: to bring together low-yielding vineyards and rare clones in the cool micro-climates of the Sonoma Coast and Sonoma Carneros, and handcraft elegant, food-oriented and structured wines for a memorable experience. Join me on a rewarding journey of taste through some of California’s most prized vineyards.

If art has a purpose, it is to point us towards our essence, which is both infinite and infinitesimal, doing so in ways that are both mysterious and knowable. By beautifully reminding us through our senses of what we already know, art offers the potential for transformation of awareness.

Following night harvest, the wine was fermented using a special South African yeast in a stainless steel tank over 12 days, then aged for 14 months in 5-7-year-old French oak barriques before bottling.

Inspired by this eternal alchemy, the Oceans Churning label arises in the hands of a painter of the nature of the Soul, Prasanna, whom I am fortunate to call my friend. A good quaff, a simple repast, an ocean breeze, the shade of a tree in summer and warmth of a fire in winter, the company of loved ones and good friends – may these enduring pleasures be yours, be well!”* - Raj