La Chapelle, the jewel of Maison Paul Jaboulet Ainé, has a rich and emotive history. During the 13th century, a knight called Gaspard de Sterimberg settled in the hills of Tain l’Hermitage with the permission of Blanche de Castille. On his return from the crusades, he sought calm and serenity and isolated himself as a hermit, hence the name of the Hermitage appellation. There he built a Chapel, overlooking the Rhône Valley. La Chapelle endured the passage of time and finally became the property of Paul Jaboulet in 1919.

Hermitage La Chapelle is a blend of terroirs, including the prestigious hillsides of La Méal and Les Bessards. Each one provides its own aromatic characteristics, as well as an elegant tannin structure, giving the wine great aging potential. Since the legendary 1961 vintage, which was classed as one of the Twelve mythical wines of the 20th century, Hermitage La Chapelle has become one of the world’s most sought-after wines. I