• 8% luck
• 55% passion
• 24% determination • 13% boundless charm

This isn’t just the percentage breakdown of ingredients as it pertains to our Faro wine – it is an idea we have of ourselves that isn’t perfect, but it is perfectible. It leads us to believe each and every day that nothing happens by chance. We have reached this point after putting in a lot of effort, overcoming obstacles and willingly taking this path. A path that we like, that makes us proud and that gives us hope. A series of events led us to the world of wine with its rules and its many facets, making us passionate about it and perhaps bringing out the best in us. Because wine moves; it is not static. It makes you grow, and it pushes you.

Now it is a habitual relationship with nature, plants, with the unmistakable scents of the countryside, with the tannins and the palate. Wine is not a product! It draws you in too much, you put so much into its making, its health, its goodness and taste. This is why success – be it big or small – transports you, giving you a sense of paternal pride and requited love. And then it takes off, and there’s the need for your work to be recognized, for it to go further, with our bottles crossing oceans, speaking languages, dominating shelves in wine bars in Italy and abroad, enlivening evenings among good friends. Because this is what wine does in the right quantities, without overdoing it. It brings people together, warms them and makes them more attractive to humanity.

We are already ready for our new vintage, hoping for mild weather, praying for sun and respecting the time that the earth asks of us. Le Casematte from Sicily is going far, our bottles are loaded on to large planes, dreaming yet again.

The grapes are hand harvested in mid to late September and then go under a long maceration on the skins in stainless steel. The wine ages in French oak for 12 month and then in the bottle for another 12 months.

Dark ruby red with orange highlights, its intense, elegant and ample nose boasts notes of ripe red berries and blueberries, Mediterranean scrub, and spicy notes like nutmeg and pepper. Well-balanced on the palate with firm tannins, a round, rich fruity flavor, and an elegant finale. Pairs well with roasts or braised meats with mushrooms, aged cheeses and rich, structured dishes.