Black Ridge Vineyards is on 80 pristine acres, overlooking the majestic slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The estate’s elevation and geographic orientation are ideal for protection from the harsh coastal winds and lingering fog to receive a full day of sun. The vineyard microclimate also benefits from the Lexington Reservoir half a mile below. These perfect growing conditions are instrumental in producing high-quality, highly approachable wines using 100% estate-grown fruit.

Our vineyard manager and winemaker, Bill Brosseau, brings his remarkable passion and expertise into all aspects of winemaking. He believes in a minimalist approach, utilizing organic methods to showcase each wine’s inherent identity. Our intention is always to let is the inherent, discernible attributes of our vineyard be reflected in this Pinot Noir, showcasing the unique history of our land. The outcome is a decadent red.

We believe that producing fine wine is more than a craft or a skill, it is an art. Like a painter with colors or a composer with notes, Bill uses his tools to find the expressive core of our site’s fruit and masterfully shows the use of restraint as he utilizes what each harvest has to offer while bringing that expression into a recognizable form year after year. This type of winemaking takes imagination, requires considerable experience. A deft hand with technique and an openness to relearn from each vintage. This complex tapestry of elements intertwines to create the tour de force of a winemaker that carries over one-hundred 90+ point wine ratings in his credit.

For this limited production release, Bill has composed an enchanting representation of what this harvest season had to offer from our estate-grown grapes. We hope you enjoy this wine as much as we enjoyed the journey of capturing the essence of our grapes in your glass.