From managed vineyards on more gentle slopes in which clay soils predominate, is aged nine months in French oak and expresses the more tender and juicy side of the Mencía variety.

Losada Vinos de Finca was established by Bierzo winemaking veterans in 2004, its beautiful ultramodern facility located in the heart of Bierzo’s finest vineyard area, in the very midst of the old Mencía vines. Following an explosive period in which the Bierzo region leapt to worldwide fame on the merits of a few highly-extracted and noticeably oaky wines, Losada’s founding philosophy is to take the region’s wines to higher level, seeking as a priority elegance, balance and purity of expression.

100% Mencía vineyards owned or managed by Losada are farmed sustainably with yields kept to a minimum. After a manual harvest, fermentation is conducted with naturally-occurring (wild) yeasts in stainless steel tanks, followed by malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels.