A blend of 5 distinctive vineyards in close proximity; Les Renardieres, Le Champ Gordé, Le Champ de Lopin, Les Travers des Plantes, and Les Mardrelles.

2018 was again an unusual vintage in the Loire Valley with 2 seasons with 2 opposite kinds of weather: rainy and warm in March, April, May, and mid-June. Hot and dry from mid-June to the end of October. The downside of this incessant rain was materialized by the development of the powdery mildew in all our appellations. Managing the powdery mildew was an extremely challenging task, having to spray more than usual during this period. The upside of the constant rain was the creation of good water reserves. During June, despite the rain and thanks to some mild temperature, the flowering and fruit set happened early (10 June). Our spring was followed by a dry period of more than 4 months that lasted till the beginning of November. Our summer was ‘hot’ and ‘autumn’ unusually warm. Thanks to the large reserves of water, the vines stood well with the heat. The aromatic maturity and the sugar-acidity balance were reached in early September as expected. We started the harvest on the 5th of September and finished them three weeks later.

Light golden color. A lovely bouquet that focuses on fruit of ripe melon, apples, and lively grapefruit, followed by a touch of fresh foliage and green herbal notes. Clean and very precise in the mouth with lots of juicy citrus, hints of spiced grapefruit zest, and that typical mineral spine of gunflint.