Familia Blanco is the maximum expression in our wines. This blend is an icon wine designed to reach palates trained and experienced in Old World wines. The conjunction of Malbec as the standard of Argentina, Bonarda, the seal of Familia Blanco, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon, queen of reds, offer a unique wine in its lineage and at the level of the great blends of the world. The basis to achieve this wine is in the great care of each process, from the vineyard to the bottling, seeking the expression of a neat and traditional wine at its highest level.

Grapes were hand-picked into plastic bins. Fermentation occurred in concrete tanks at 25°C, with maximum temperatures of 30°C and gentle extraction movements. Post-fermentation maceration lasted for 42 days with the cap submerged. Each of the varietals was fermented in different tanks and aged in new French oak barrels of 160, 225, 300, 400, and 600 liters for 15 months. French oak from forests selected according to the varietal to be raised. Once this unique blend has been conceived, stabilized in a concrete tank, and then bottled, each bottle waits in storage for a further 12 months before going on the market. The result is a great classic wine with its own personality.

An elegant, powerful but not aggressive wine that, if allowed to breathe and/or decant, its best notes appear: red and black fruits balanced with aromas of coffee, dark chocolate, spices, and a little vanilla and smoke. In the mouth it is elegant and balanced from the beginning to the end, going through different moments in which each variety expresses itself in its splendor: Malbec on the attack, then Bonarda in the middle of the mouth, and finally the elegant and long aftertaste of the family of the Cabernets. The annual consignment of Familia Blanco Blend is just 8 barrels per year and its aging potential is greater than 20 years. That is why we recommend opening this wine 50 minutes before tasting, best decanted and served at 60-64°F in unique moments where the ceremony of life takes on a special value.