The last three growing seasons have been extremely consistent. The weather patterns in 2013 and 2014 were almost identical, the only noticeable difference was that we started harvest 8 days earlier than the previous vintage. No spring rain led to an early harvest of slightly above average yield. Summer temperatures remained moderate, offering slow measured ripening.

Another classic vintage bursting with fruit and yet a smooth refrained palate. Ripe plums mingle with currant and surprisingly hints strawberry and pear tart. The 2014 is overflowing with spice the most obvious being vanilla, but cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg all make an appearance. Perhaps owing to the long measured summer this wine has equally long measured tannins. The fruit suggests a young ripe wine, but the tanning structure is so approachable one would think it has already been carefully cellared for a few years. Hard to predict how this wine will age, but it is a joy to drink upon release.

The fruit was hand-picked into macro bins, de-stemmed and crushed into stainless steel tanks, then cold-soaked for 24 hours, inoculated, and pumped over one to three times per day (depending on temperature and yeast activity). The wine was pressed before finishing primary fermentation. Once dry, the wine was racked to barrel and inoculated for malolactic fermentation. The wine was racked at the finish of secondary fermentation and twice more before bottling during its two years in barrel. Though the wine was filtered, owing to its time in barrel, fining was determined unnecessary.