The single-vineyard that constitutes this wine is situated on the high tablelands, which are characteristic of the northern area of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The terrain consists mainly of alpine diluvium and chalky Miocenian soil, with large flint pebbles covering the surface. These pebbles conserve the heat of the day during the night, thus avoiding too much evaporation.

Blended grape varieties in stainless steel tanks. Maceration for the 2 first days cold at 5 to 8’C, then fermentation at 25 to 30°C for 3 weeks. Pumping-over twice a day before and during the fermentation. Filtration before bottling.

Elegant cherry red color, with expressive notes of red fruits (strawberry and raspberry). Mellow tannins, well-balanced in the palate, with a freshness and a fruity taste.