The year began with abundant rainfall, followed by a mild Spring resulting in extended flowering with little shatter. A Labor Day weekend heatwave kicked harvest into high gear, then cool weather allowed sugar levels to return to normal. By October 8 nearly 90 percent of the 2017 grape tonnage was in when warm, fierce winds fueled an unprecedented firestorm. We, as winemakers, remained committed to upholding the region’s reputation for making some of the world’s finest wines and so while we decided not to use any of the red varietals due to the possibility of smoke taint. However, our white varietals were well underway and we describe our white wines with words such as “finesse,” “great complexity of flavor” and “elegant.”

Green apple and citrus dominate the wine, showcasing the vintage. The acidity drives the flavor profile but keeps with the Essere Franco style. Rich fruits of melon, lemon/lime and green apple keeps you coming back for more showcasing another Napa Valley vintage that allowed us to let the grapes hang until perfectly ripe.