Podere La Pace’s seven hectares of organically grown vineyards are heavily influenced by the Gulf of Follonica and Calcareous and clayey soils. The small size of their Estate allows their team the opportunity to farm each vine individually, without compromise, and with the strictest quality standards. The 2017 vintage was sculpted with Merlot and Cabernet Franc and formed to beautifully express the fresh fruit, depth, and energy.

A chromatic gleam immediately strikes the eye with a rich ruby red tinged with purplish hues. The fruity aroma adequately expresses the grapes’ perfect maturation through hints of ripe plum, blackberry, and currant. The time spent aging in French durmast oak adds complexity and structure that smoothly round off the aromatic bouquet.

The wine showcases a seamless correspondence between the nose and retroactive taste that enthralls the mouth; the palate is singularly struck by the blended varieties’ elegance and freshness. The tannins are very smooth in spite of a hot vintage. Their fine make is still mildly perceptible at the end of the sip, rendering the latter lasting and pleasant. The choice of Diam corks guarantees the absence of defects in the wine.