This is one of our favorite and most approachable wines upon release of this vintage. With the breadth of not only the grape varieties in the bottle but also the soils on the estate, this wine has impeccable balance. Although the wine might appear to be of moderate weight in the mouth, it is the most structured of our Spring release trio. Drink now to enjoy the wine’s youthful transparency, or feel free to cellar the wine for 10+ years as it will evolve and blossom into secondary and tertiary aromas and flavors of a classic Napa Valley wine from the 1970s.

The aromas, flavors, and textures cast a wide reach on the nose and palate. From lavender and violets to Fuji apples and the bramble of a raspberry bush, the aromas are masterfully sewn together. As you linger with the wine in the glass and expose it to air, the wine leans deeper into the darker aromas of kirsch and graphite. In the mouth, the flavors flow from the candied sweetness of chocolate-covered cherries and red licorice on the front of the palate to macerated blueberries and blackberries on the middle of your tongue. It finishes with spicy, dried herbs and savory roasted meats on the back of the palate. As the overall juiciness of the wine dissipates in your mouth, it leaves a gentle dusting of cherry-flavored tannins that coat the palate and prepare you for a second sip.