Our 2019 Sangiacomo Pinot Noir comes from Sangiacomo Roberts Road Vineyard. This is our first vintage from Roberts Road, one of the most prestigious sites that the Sangiacomo family cultivates. The grapes came from block 4 on the west side. Located at the base of Sonoma Mountain and bordered by Copeland Creek on the north, the soil is very well-drained with silty gravel. Roberts Road was first planted in 1999 and now boasts fourteen combinations of clone and rootstock. The vineyard has a long, slow, and even, growing season with fog until mid-day. It is always one of the last vineyards to be harvested.

We hand pick and sort our fruit, to optimize the flavor with lower sugar, in the vineyard. The fruit is destemmed and lightly crushed into fermentation bins. The crushed fruit is kept cool and reductive on dry ice for several days. We ferment the wine slowly to allow the temperatures to rise. We punch down by hand daily during the peak of fermentation. Color extraction and tannin are closely monitored to achieve a gentle, elegant wine with light tannins and rich flavors. The wine is pressed off at dryness, and aged in 30% new French oak for a period of 10 months. We ferment and then blend after aging. We bottle in August of the following year to keep the fruit vibrant and youthful.

We are extremely excited to release our second Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir from the Sangiacomo family’s Roberts Road Vineyard. This Pinot is well-balanced with full-bodied intensity and a nice showing of tannin. The silty gravel of the terroir creates a unique undertone of earthiness with traces of strawberry and raspberry. Citrus notes accent the silky finish.