This Valpolicella Ripasso is made with grapes grown in the Valpolicella Classico area. Located in the heart of the appellation, in the town Roselle in the hills of Negrar. Altitude is between 250 and 450 meters above sea level and the exposure is mostly southeastern. Soil types are mainly clayey with occasional limestone. the training system is the regional Veronese pergoletta and the age of producing vines in the vineyard ranges from 15 to 25 years. With 18 buds per vine, the planting density is 3,300/3,500 vines per hectare and the yields per hectare are 70 hl.

A cool and rainy spring, especially in April and May, saw the coolest temperatures for those months in the last 30 years; this followed a hot and dry March. A very hot summer with heatwaves at the end of June and July; temperatures reached 38°C (100°F) at the extreme. Hailstorms also took place in July and August, while drought conditions marked June. Temperatures returned to normal in early August and throughout September; the exclusively hand-picked harvest took place in early October. The wines offer excellent richness and notable freshness, 2019 appears to be an outstanding vintage for Amarone, with wines of excellent aging potential.

Its style highlights the most typical and traditional profile of Valpolicella: its well-distributed structure and the harmony between the aromatic, olfactory and gustatory sensations create an unmistakable style of sobriety and elegance. The color is a deep ruby-red, the bouquet is complex, with vinous, and spicy notes of red fruit. It’s harmonious, full and velvety, with the right balance between tannins and acidity. It pairs wonderfully with all types of red meat, both grilled and braised. Excellent with traditional Veronese dishes, such as Pastissada de caval, lesso con Pearà, and lasagnette with black truffles from Mount Baldo.