“The Spice Vineyard” Ürziger Würzgarten

This steep 62 hectare (153 acres) south- to southeast-facing site features a distinctive geological melange rare on the Mosel, with reddish, stone-rich soil comprised in large part of weathered volcanic rhyolite and conglomerates. Due to this unusual soil, wines from the Ürziger Würzgarten display an especially fine piquancy. They are full-fruited, splendidly mouth-filling, with fine acid-interplay and clear structure.

The grapes were harvested in October. 100% healthy berries were gently crushed, and given several hours of skin contact to extract aroma and minerals. The must fermented spontaneously and slowly at low temperature so that the complex fruit aroma could develop perfectly. Subsequently, the wine was carefully matured on its lees in wooden barrels for a long time.