These vines are planted on our premium Pocai Vineyard location, in one of the warmest locations in the Napa Valley. This vineyard is ideal for ripening mature tannins and flavor in our Merlot grapes. The 2006 vintage brought an average year with an extended cool period at the end. That gave this vineyard incredible hang time and concentration. The rockier soils of this vineyard site accentuated these attributes to bring about the highest quality grapes our vineyard can yield.

A classic Merlot in its own right. this wine has bright fruit aromatics that are balanced well by tea leaves and tobacco spice. The initial characteristics of cherries, strawberry,and red apple blend well with the subtle hints of sage and pipe tobacco. The palate is silky smooth while retaining the full luscious mouthfeel we’ve come to expect from a Napa Valley Merlot. The finish on this Merlot has great length and dimension. This wine should have the longevity to age well, but tastes very delicious right now. We feel this wine has classic characters of a Northern Napa Merlot.