The cool climate of the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County produces Zinfandel of great beauty and elegance. This often robust varietal shows its food-friendly best when grown in this versatile region and yields wines that are more claret than port-like in style. The delicate spice notes, red fruit, bright acidity, soft texture, and pepper finish are the signature of the varietal and are reminiscent of the true origins of the grape and those who first brought it to the new world. Our 50 year old vines sit amid a heritage oak grove in the heart of the Russian River. Mustard flowers bloom between the vines in springtime and the roots penetrate deep into the soil to find moisture. Our growing partner has tended these vines for many years and each season he works meticulously to balance the crop to the vine’s capacity. This dedication to the earth and to maximizing the site is truly the joy of Old Vine Zinfandel.