Quintessential Pinot Noir flavors of dark berries, cherry and rhubarb combine on the palate with the spicy flavors of vanilla. The nose indicates that the wine will be full of fruit but the palate shows the savory elements of Pinot Noir. Indeed, a classic Russian River Valley pinot noir, with a silky smooth finish eminently enjoyable throughout.

Sourced from the Floodgate vineyard, located on low lying land not far from the heart of Russian River Valley, this location offers a combination of sunlight and fog that is ideal for slow ripening and preservation of the fruits natural acidity. The resulting grapes deliver a wonderful balance between aromatics and flavors.

Soils in this vineyard are a combination of Glen Ellen and Wilson Grove Formations. The former is composed of river gravels while the latter is mainly uplifted sea floor. Both soil types drain well and provide a wonderful growing platform. This is nearly ideal pinot noir territory, and the resulting character of the wine is evident.

90 Point Review - Wine Enthusiast A lovely Pinot Noir, bone dry and crisp, perfect for pairing with a huge array of foods. It has subtle flavors of cherries, tobacco and white pepper.