Palest straw. Classical stone fruit and melon nose with hints of butterscotch. Rich and full, this Chardonnay exhibits ripe tropical fruits with a hint of passion fruit. Typical Gisborne, with softness and drinkability.

Winemaking Notes The Gisborne region produces Chardonnays full of charm and style which finish with a characteristic mineral note. Farmer’s Market Chardonnay captures this essence and adds a mellow, creamy texture through additional aging on the lees. Gifted winemaker, Nick Goldschmidt, coaxes elegance and power from Peter Briant’s Vineyard on Tansley Road in Patutahi and crafts a very clean aromatic expression bursting with stone fruits.

This wine is made in an unadulterated style. The technique emphasis fruit only. Structure is achieved through natural acidity and limited use of oak. Leaving the wine on lees for six months after fermentation creates more texture and length than normal for a chardonnay in a cool climate.