Color: Yellow with green tints Aroma: Very intense aromas of minerals, tropical fruits, and compote Taste: Rich, with weighty fruit flavors, good acidity, and a lengthy finish

Winemaking Notes We pick the best grapes from our vineyards, which have just 4,000 plants per hectare. We only harvest in the morning to keep the grapes at an optimum temperature until they reach the winery. Once at the winery, the grapes are placed in cold storage rooms and kept at a steady -10°C for 3 full days. We then destalk and crush the grapes in small lots. The grape pulp is put into a temperature controlled stainless steel tank, where the grapes go through a cold pellicular maceration (at 0°C) for more than 16 hours. The grapes are then placed into a pneumatic press to be gently pressed at no more than 0.5 bars. After pressing, the must is extracted, decanted for 24 hours, and then fermented in new American oak barrels. Once this fermentation is completed, the wine is left on its leas until bottling.