A yardstick is an old basis for measurement which can be used as a baseline or reference point. YARDSTICK Ruth’s Reach Cabernet Sauvignon is just that: it offers the signature taste of Napa Valley but without the baseline Napa Valley price. The 2012 vintage comes from a small vineyard near Calistoga. This site is in an up-valley area, where the climate and soils are quite different from the surrounding regions. A marine air incursion that affects the lower areas of the valley is not dominant here and the grapes consistently reach full maturity.

Nick Goldschmidt crushed 31 tons of fruit from Ruth’s Reach. The glacial soils are thin on this side of the valley and force the vines to search more deeply for resources. Thinner soils result in smaller berries, lower natural yield, more even sun exposure, and ultimately higher tannin per berry. The higher tannin translates into wines with more structure and weight. YARDSTICK shows: deep garnet color, aromas of mocha and caramel which complement the black cherry and blueberry fruit; black currant and raspberry flavors, good structure, a round mid-palate and finishes with supple tannins.