2012 proved to be the 3rd in succession of cooler vintages in Sonoma County, and again proved to be just about ideal for growing Pinot Noir grapes in this special place we call the Russian River Valley. The finished wines from these special years can really display a finesse, with a keen sense of place, and an wealth of those cherished red fruits, such as Strawberry, Raspberry and Red Currant; we find this wine captures all these, along with some hints of Pomegranate and perhaps a touch of ‘mintiness’.

Due to the 2012’s cooler climate and lower yields, this Pinot shows a great deal of finesse and more of the softer undertones that are sought after. The nose of this incredible Pinot brings you right to the vineyard with a real sense of terroir and an abundance of sweet fresh red fruits, mature strawberry, raspberries, and red currants. The well balanced and finesse is followed down the palate matching the aromas which are engaged by notes of exotic spices, red licorice, cola, and just a slight hint of menthol. The 777 clone does come through with the velvety palate bringing the spice while the 828 helps balance with more of the minerality and colas.