Richmond Vineyard, a three-acre gem in Napa Carneros, is part of the original Rancho Huichica land grant from General Vallejo to Jacob Leese in 1841. The first wine grapes were planted in the 1850s to capture the essence of these fine soils. The land was parceled over the years and passed to the Boon Fly family among others. In the late 1970s, Mike Richmond purchased a 4-acre parcel from Robert Sinskey.

The vineyard soil composition is entirely fine clay loam. Its location a quarter of a mile from San Pablo Bay captures the long, warm summer days and the cooling influence of the marine climate popular to the Carneros region, famous for Pinot Noir. Originally planted in Italian varietals, the vineyard was t-budded to Pinot Noir in 2006 and our first vintage was 2009.