While there’s always been a debate around the origins of Zinfandel and Primitivo being one and the same, Primitivo is most definitely a unique red grape varietal that’s not like all Zinfandel. Hailing from both sides of the lower Adriatic in Croatia and Italy’s Puglia, Primitivo is a warm weather loving Mediterranean grape that’s right at home in California.

Winemaker Jim Moore sources his Primitivo from Lodi, a place that’s been growing the grape for 100+ years.

Jim makes his Primitivo in a style that is floral and easy to drink, exhibiting a delicacy more akin to Pinot Noir than to a jammy, powerful Zin. With its lower alcohol content, you can enjoy this wine throughout each of your dinner courses, pairing with everything from pizza or pasta to the darkest meats.

While Primitivo’s DNA is identical to Zinfandel (and Croatia’s Crljenak Kaštelanski – the origin for both) this selection differs physiologically in several ways - two of the most significant being a later maturity and more uniformity in ripening. These two factors allow Primitivo to avoid an over ripe aspect and consequent high alcohols encountered in many Zinfandels harvested in the hotter weather of an earlier harvest.

It posses a racy, fruit-forward aspect and supple texture, both enhanced by a spice component from barrel aging.