The grapes selected for our 2010 Shadrach Chardonnay were farmed with the practices required to produce the highest quality Alexander Valley Chardonnay. The season began with shoot thinning, the removal of all double buds and/or secondary shoots. Once cane lengths reached approximately 24 to 36 inches, we lifted the canopy on the northeast side of the vine to increase morning sun exposure and air movement.

Two weeks prior to verasion, we executed the first of three fruit drops. The first was done to reduce the fruit load down to two clusters per shoot. Our second drop took place at approximately 80% verasion. We evaluated all clusters and stripped any that were still green or not yet developing sugar. The final fruit drop was done three days prior to harvest to ensure evenly ripe fruit. On September 29, 2010 we harvested over three tons to produce our 2010 Shadrach Chardonnay.

This wine displays soft, golden tones with flavors of citrus, pear and guava, and a smooth finish. The 2010 Shadrach Chardonnay is a delightful complement to poultry, pork and seafood dishes, as well as Gruyere, Cambozola, Provolone, and other goat’s milk and cow’s milk cheeses. Enjoy!

The Coin Flip Ranch was purchased by our Grandparents, Fred & Ruby Wasson, in 1976. Fred & Ruby approached long-time neighbors, the Murphy’s, and proposed a joint purchase of the 100 acre property to split in half. When the sale was complete, Fred and Tim Murphy flipped a coin to determine who would get which half, thus the name Coin Flip Ranch.

In 2010, we again selected premium grapes from the Shadrach block to create our Chardonnay. Year after year this 14-acre block continues to reap the most consistent, balanced Chardonnay we produce.

Winemakers and vintners have described the Chardonnay from the Shadrach block as intensely flavorful, balanced, and fruit-forward.