The 2013 Chardonnay is a fine wine from the Sonoma Coast with its sole purpose to raise funds for Team Fox and Michael J. Fox’s Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. 4 Foxes founders Rick and Wendy Tigner are committed to providing a high quality product that will donate 100% of the profits to Team Fox.

In 2006, Rick’s wife Wendy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Inspired to be proactive in their support of Wendy and all those living with PD, the entire Tigner family joined Team Fox and has worked tirelessly ever since to raise money and awareness for research. The debut of 4 Foxes Chardonnay is the latest effort in their continued support of the Foundation.

This wine with hints of apple and pear is a delicious apéritif wine to be enjoyed with family and friends on the patio. Our mom loves it with chicken pesto pasta and good times with our family. We’re proud to donate to TEAM FOX and hope you can join us in the fight.