Extremely saturated, glowing, shimmering purple-black robe. The nose has fresh blackberry and black plums, road tar, blueberry jam, dark chocolate, black pepper and spice notes.

In the mouth, a burst of fresh acidity similar to black currants, blackberries and cherries emerges first, then loads of smooth, black cherry, bittersweet chocolate, tobacco, blackberry liqueur, crème de cassis, and a powerful vein of minerals; wet stones, creek-bed, sea salt, white chalk, oyster shell.

There’s a small whiff of herb like tarragon and anise. The finish is lip-smacking and crisp, with well integrated tannins and forward acidity.

One of the most food-friendly Petite Sirah you’re going to come across, easily drinkable and enjoyable in its youth. The striking minerality and bright acid makes this an awesome accompaniment to most grilled meats, grilled vegetables, and one of the rare Petite Sirah you’ll find to match a nice salmon with herbs, salt and pepper.

It is impossible not to finish your glass!