This charming Anderson Valley Pinot Noir is a true reflection of it’s source.

This wine showcases a deep plum red tone in the glass. Fragrances of orange peel, red cherries and fresh peppercorn linger on the nose.

The palate is bright and dynamic with a sinuous texture and racy acidity. Flavors of cranberry, sassafras, a touch of clove and signature Anderson Valley spice combine for a wine with an incredible spectrum of flavors and subtlety.

Lovely tannins transition seamlessly to a long finish.

Vineyard Notes

The 2014 Borne Pinot Noir is sourced from two Anderson Valley vineyards within Mendocino County. The unique geography of these vineyards results in a wide diurnal range, with daily high and low temperatures diverging 40-50 degrees on some days. This enables the pinot to keep acid development in line with sugar and flavor formation.

Part of the blend comes from the renowned Ferrington Vineyard in Anderson Valley with the remaining portion contributed from Beaujolais Vineyard West of Navarro.