Produced in the old world style of balanced wine making. This wine expresses the Amador Zinfandel terroir with a good balance of fruit, French Oak, structural tannins and medium alcohol.

A briary varietal Zinfandel with Old World style and color. Spicy, earthy and refreshing with aromas and flavors of roses, pomegranate, cherry Grenache, strawberry, bright red fruits, white pepper and redwood forest.

A long, lingering finish showing a complete wine from beginning to end. Old vine complexity with first growth quality.

Vineyard Notes

A complex wine due to the blending of two great vineyards. The traditional base of this wine is the Old Vine Norton/DeMille Vineyard. This vineyard was planted during Prohibition. My grandfather, George DeMille, nurtured the vineyard through the hard time so that we can enjoy wines from it today. I actually still have his still from those bygone days of midnight tax-free production.

The balance of the wine is from the Spinetta Vineyard, which is planted from cuttings of the oldest documented Zinfandel vineyard in America, Vineyard 1869. These vineyards are non-irrigated, stand-alone, head pruned vines that express the old world Zinfandel terroir.