A dark, ruby/burgundy color, this vintage opens up with slightly earthy, right bank Bordeaux style notes that develop into blackberry, black cherry, plum, blood orange, and black olive. This is followed by espresso bean, sandalwood, and licorice spice.

Big for a Merlot, showing its vineyard pedigree, this wine will benefit from decanting or cellaring.

Firm, picture frame tannins restrict size upon opening, but with air become more open- knit and broaden the palate. Flavors of ripe cherry, raspberry extract, toasted grains, bitter chocolate, and licorice spice are generous in this ultra-concentrated Merlot.

The finish is long, bright, and has a subtle hint of spiced orange that lingers for some time.

Vineyard Notes

Red Mountain is home to Klipsun, one of Washington’s most prestigious vineyards. A moderately steep slope rising above the Yakima River, Red Mountain’s loamy soil is high in calcium and ripens Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Rhone grapes such as Syrah exceptionally well.