Blonde Ambition is named in honor of the winemaker’s wife, PJ Rex, who in 1972 gave her boyfriend, Robert Rex, a winemaking kit as a thank you gift for keeping her Alfa Romeo running. PJ still drives the Alfa and Robert still keeps it running.

This year’s label has PJ and her dog Obi Wine Kenobi reaching for the stars.

The nose has tropical notes. The favor is broad and expansive with just the right amount of brightness to hold your interest. Blonde Ambition pairs well with crab, scallops, chicken in a light sauce, roasted pepper Panini, or pasta with Pesto. It’s also great by itself.

Our winemaking techniques accentuate complexity and mouth feel, so Blonde Ambition will pair with almost any food and hold your interest through the evening.

Sterile bottled, Velcorin free, Vegan, with low Histamines and low sulfites.

Vineyard Notes

The Sobré Vista Vineyard is nestled on an eastern slope of the Sonoma Mountain foothills in Glen Ellen. It was first planted to grapes by Alma Spreckles in 1873. It is an exceptional terroir for Chardonnay. The vineyard faces east so is protected from the hot afternoon summer sun. This avoids sunburn of the grape skins, which degrades flavor.

The 2014 Vintage was particularly good for this Chardonnay as the summer was cooler than normal. The fall was dry and the harvest was perfect and very early. Climate change is creating earlier springs so the harvest begins earlier.