California sunshine and Provence delights are captured in this vintage of rose. Light rose color with copper hues; the nose opens to a delicate bouquet of white flowers with seductive peach accents.

Fresh and focused, the sophisticated palate offers elegant layers of raspberry, strawberry and watermelon. An alluring mineral finish completes this purely harmonious wine.

Winemaking Notes

Rosé is the second most produced wine in France, after red wine. France is the leading producer of rosés in terms of volume produced and consumption in the world. Among France’s 3 main areas of rosé production, Loire Valley, Rhone and Provence, Provence (Cote d’Azur) is France’s leader in quantity produced and quality. Rosé accounts for 70% of wine production in Provence. Rosé is one of the most versatile wines. It is the most popular wine in France during spring and summer. We have found much inspiration in the methode provençale.

We found that there were very little producers making methode provençale rosé. Methode provençale means that the red grapes grown and harvested are always destined to solely produce rosé and rosé only. After the grapes are harvested, they are whole cluster pressed— similar to white wine, and then are directly fermented. This allows for little or no skin maceration, which provides the wine with a lighter, salmon shade of pink and that delicate, refreshing, refined soft finish on the palate. After fermentation, Rosé is aged in stainless steel tank before being released in spring.