Tasting Notes

Malbec is known for it’s dark color and concentrated character. The 2015 Adelante is more nuanced. It shows there can be more to Malbec than just fruit. The nose is restrained with depth. The predominate flavor is blueberry accented by fresh raspberry. The wines acidity melds the fruit with it’s mild white pepper spice. The tannins are fine but firm giving the wine length in the finish. The 2015 vintage will evolve in the glass and bottle.

Winemaker’s Notes

Adelante Malbec starts with nature and has a soft imprint by man. We use native yeast and harvest our grapes grapes at the right levels to avoid having to add acid. Minimal to no filtration is our goal. Most importantly, we want our wine to be an expression of our site in La Consulta, one of the coolest regions in Mendoza.

Growing Notes

Warm but not hot days and cool nights were the norm. The cooler weather allowed the grapes to slowly mature. This allowed us to emphasize cool vintage characteristics that are not always possible. We thinned the vineyard and opened the canopy to make sure we could achieve ample maturity for the vintage without stressing the grapes.