Our 2012 Coleman Nicole selections all spent extra time in barrel. To be truthful we didn’t expect them to go a full 24 months but just as we were getting ready to bottle, the Napa earthquake hit. We lost 25% of our wine as barrels came toppling down and delectable Pinot Noir poured down the drain. I have worried more about the 2012 Bacigalupi and 2012 Morris Ranch more than any other lots we have produced. The worry was for naught. Despite the loss in wine and the slightly longer barrel time, the 2012’s came out on top. We can’t say how proud we are being able to work with a legendary vineyard like Bacigalupi. When Jason brought the opportunity to us we jumped at the chance. A Pinot Noir that can stand the test of time, this bottling is tight, youthful, and needs its beauty sleep. Chalked full of flavor just waiting to show it’s muscle we recommend 6 – 8 months sideways and if your patient, you will be rewarded. Drink 2016 – 2022