VINTAGE Despite the ongoing statewide drought, Napa Valley received close to average rainfall in 2015-16. More than 12” fell in March 2016, ensuring that the vines had ample water as they emerged from dormancy. The growing season was considerably cooler than in the previous two vintages, allowing us to harvest beautifully ripened grapes at the end of a long growing season.

WINEMAKING We produce our Sangiovese from a variety of clonal selections, enhancing the complexity of the finished wine. In the winery we handle the fruit gently, destemming without crushing the berries. We adjust our cap management techniques—punchdowns and pumpovers—to get the desired structure and color without overextraction.

TASTING NOTES Deep and profound,almost brooding, our 2016 Sangiovese offers a broad spectrum of flavors including cherry, strawberry-rhubarb and blueberry, with mocha and a hint of sage on the pleasantly lingering finish. The wine is mouth-coating and structured to mature beautifully and grow in complexity for many years.

PAIRINGS This wine will beautifully complement spring carbonara, pizza with olives and capers, flank steak with arugula-almond pesto, aged Pecorino and Saltimbocca alla Romana.