This wine is like Sauvignon Blanc turned up to 11.

Muscat and Sauvignon Blanc had a baby and they named in Sauvignon Musque? I don’t know about that… This is our second go round with the Musque Clone. The 92pt score for the 2013 vintage left us with some big shoes to fill going into the 2017 harvest, but I think this wine picks right up where the 2013 left off. Sustainably Farmed, Single Vineyard source. This wine is a textural adventure. Think of it as a Montrachet drinker’s Sauvignon Blanc. Where Sauvignon Blanc can be lean, the Musque Clone is structured. Where Sauvignon Blanc is more lemon, the Musque Clone is more tangerine-lime. Round and robust, this 50% neutral barrel, 50% stainless steel-fermented wine is unexpectedly rich and creamy on the palate with subdued citrus aromatics tinted with slightly savory tones. Musque the mysterious. Somebody call the X-Files.