Located in the appellation Bordeaux plateaux, this vineyard selected by Terra Burdigala is monitored, like any others, by our team all year around. Our work in the vineyard is always based on our two major concerns which are optimal maturity and perfect sanitary standards. Regarding the vinification, our principles are simple, this means gentle extractions in order to respect the fruit and produce a tender and fresh style wine, with great flavour. Ageing for a short period of time and early bottling contribute to preserve the fruit flavour. Breeding short, early bottling to trap the fruit.

This wine comes from a selection of blocks situated in the center of Lalande-de-Pomerol appellation. From pruning to ground ploughing, from canopy management to harvest, winemaking and blending, this vineyard is precisely followed at each key points of production.

Experience gained on prestigious terroirs, establishment of a respectful winemaking and ageing added to the motivation of a dynamic winemaker allow us to make great quality wines. Every effort of selection made has to be noticed in the glass.

A well rounded flavour, charming and elegant wine with a great personality. Tannins are well integrated to make this wine deep and very structured. The wine has a rich deep ruby colour and reveals floral aromas with also notes of vanilla, black currant and leather.