The Wine

Estampa Gold Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 was made with grapes from Marchigüe. Our Cabernet Sauvignon grows on deep, very well-drained soils of granitic origin with a mixture of clay that enables the roots to develop at depth and produce well-balanced plants and grapes of particular complexity. The climate in the Marchigüe sector is influenced by the winds that enter from the coast and is exceptional for the production of red wines with tremendous character and freshness.

The Harvest

The 2015-2016 season was markedly influenced by the El Niño phenomenon. A cold spring in 2015, marked the delay of the phenology and then a rainy Fall in 2016 compromised the harvest of some varieties of later ripening. This caused that for some areas and varieties the scenario was challenging. However, it is important to note that the thermal conditions of the season allowed to obtain grapes of good phenolic maturity with good acidity and lower Brix at the time of harvest.

The Winemaking

Each grape variety was vinified separately in stainless steel tanks. Manual selection and pre-destemming with cold pre-fermentative maceration at 8 °C for 5 days. Fermentation at temperatures between 26-28 °C, soft overruns for moderate extraction of tannins. Post-fermentative maceration of variable duration defined in function of tasting was carried out. Once the malolactic fermentation was finished, each wine was transferred to barrels and stored at a controlled temperature for 14 months. After this period the blend is made, bottled and kept for a period of 6 months before released.

Tasting Notes

Intense ruby color. Sweet and fruity aromas that remind of red fruits. In the background a complex base is perceived, distinguishing toasted and sweet notes. On the palate, it is a tasty wine structured with velvety and complex tannins. Good acidity. Sweet and silky finish.