The 2014 grapes from this organically farmed vineyard were 100% barrel fermented, with native yeasts allowed to complete the fermentation. This expressive Chardonnay has both purity and complexity. It has fruit notes of white peaches and honeydew melon, as well as layered flavors of creme brûlée and baked apple. The structure is bright on the mid-palate and rich in the finish. The flavors linger for at least another two minutes. As in every vintage, the minerality from our very rocky hillside is a signature marker of this wine.

The vineyard is nestled 1,200 feet above sea level, perfectly positioned to receive the cooling winds coming across Bodega Bay and through Los Carneros. 38 miles from the Pacific Ocean, this is the coolest climate in Napa. This fog allows Chardonnay to maintain acidity and slowly develop stone fruit character.Volcanic, rocky, well-draining soils lend themselves to the mineral component in the wine. The deep-rooted old vines grow into fractured blue rock soil defining this characteristic year after year.

This wine is an homage to Annie Londonderry, a Latvian immigrant to the United States, who in 1894 became the first woman to bicycle around the world. She was a revolutionary for her time, an entrepreneur, a voracious traveler, and a mother of three. At 5 feet, 3 inches and 100 pounds, Annie rode her 42-pound Columbia women’s bike around the world with only three days of prior cycling experience. Upon returning, she wrote “I am a journalist and a ‘new woman’, if that term means that I believe I can do anything that any man can do.” She ultimately won a wager for her trip around the world of $10,000, equivalent to 3 years of an average man’s salary.