Casanuova delle Cerbaie begins its production of wines in the early 80s, thanks to the great passion and love for the lives of a lady of German origins, in 2008 the estate was bought by an authoritative New York gentleman who has always been passionate about Tuscany. di Montalcino and its great wines. The splendid position and the excellent wine produced proved to be a winning combination and immediately gave life to this new and fascinating experience. Since then, considerable investments have been made and great innovative improvements have been made to produce a wine of high quality and infinite elegance.

Located just below the village of Montalcino in the northern sector of the region, the vineyards of Casanuova delle Cerbaie are located from 250 to 350 meters above sea level, on land dating back to the Eocene era of the Cenozoic era, characterized by limestone, marly, clayey and conglomerates. Their exposure mainly south-west allows them to receive the best sunlight throughout the day, away from both the cold winds of the north wind and hot winds as the sirocco. The vineyards are also developed on the prestigious hill of Montosoli and continue to extend to the foot of the hill on which stands Montalcino. The nature of the land and its enviable position, allow to obtain excellent quality results, enriching the Brunello produced in this area of ??a particular variety of perfumes. To date, the estate has 15 hectares of land, of which about 10 are vineyards registered with San Giovese, 2 of olive groves, 3 of woods and arable land.