100% Merlot, Quercegobbe is named after the vineyard from which it originates, set at the edge of the coastal strip of typically Mediterranean vegetation, and facing the sea. An ideal position for Merlot, which thrives in hillsides, breezy locations. Its vines, planted in 1997, are in the vineyards nearest the wine production facilities. This proximity is ideal as well as physical because Merlot is the wine preferred by Francesca Moretti, the field of action in which she has decided to put the intuition, expertise, and strategy developed by herself and her winemaking team to the test.

In Tuscany, just as in Val di Cornia, anything new always has ancient roots, and the future of Quercegobbe is already written in its type of soil, wholly similar to the clays of Pomerol in France, the kingdom of Merlot. Soils rich in manganese and metals, transported here by processes of erosion and sedimentation from the nearby metalliferous hills. The wine produced from all this is elegant but at the same time full-bodied, benefiting from the infinite attention dedicated to it both in the vineyard and in the cellars.

The grapes are harvested during the coolest hours of the day, and the wine ferments in truncated conical wooden vats, at a controlled temperature. At the end of fermentation, it is left to mature for 15 months, in part in new 600 liter demi-muit and in part in barriques used for the second time. During this period, malo-lactic fermentation is completed. Maturation continues for another 10 months in the bottles. Character Intense ruby red color, with lively chromatic accents. Rich red fruit bouquet, with subtle spicy notes and hints of balsamic myrtle and eucalyptus. Superbly elegant on the palate, pleasantly sapid and mineral, richly distinctive with refined and gentle tannin; body, alcohol, and acidity are all discernible and finely balanced. Persistent and vigorous, with a harmonious finish.