KRIS Heart Rosso is garnet in color with intense aromas of dense blackberries, spicy currants and leather. The wine opens with pretty plum flavors, blackberry fruit and a touch of spiciness from oak aging. Ripe fruit flavors are balanced by lively acidity, making this an excellent, versatile wine to enjoy with roasted meats, rich pasta dishes, pizza, smoked sausages, and cheeses.

The blend attains its silky smooth character from Merlot grapes grown in the calcareous hillside vineyards of Sicily, its deep purple color and robust body from Montepulciano grapes grown in the alluvial soils of Le Marche, and its exquisite structure from Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards perched on the steep, rocky alpine foothills of Alto Adige. Final tasting, blending and bottling are carried out at the Haas family estate in Alto Adige to ensure the quality one has come to expect from the KRIS labels.