10 km in the North of Igé, the vineyard of Burgy account 5 ha among which 3 are assembled for this vintage. Soils are argilo-limestone, and the exposure is northwest in the hillside, the maturities are later than on Igé, but with the climate of today, we always obtain from very beautiful maturity. It is only since 2005 that we produce on Burgy. Winemaking in 100% tank and breeding on fine lees of 6 months, make of this vintage a beautiful typical complexity of Mâconnais.

I bought this estate in the locality of Burgy back in 2005: since then the production has continued to increase. I selected screwcaps for this vintage: quality, security, and modernism qualify this type of closure. This vintage is made from grape varieties from several localities, blended together after the aging process. This vintage is truly representative of white wines from the Mâcon area. Aromas of ripe fruits, rounded, mineral tasting, powerful with balance make it a pre-dinner wine as well as a great partner to fish and starters.