Chateau Diana Winery is located in the heart of the Dry Creek Valley in the Premier Growing Region of Healdsburg, California. It was founded by Tom and Diane Manning in 1989. Tom and Diane were born in New York. Tom was an orphan who did not have an education past the second grade. He met his wife, Diane, at a bus stop in Long Island, New York. They traveled cross-country in a VW Bug to find a piece of heaven in wine country where they could raise their family and work together.

Not long after arriving in California, they were driving along the winding roads of Dry Creek Road. They came across an older lady gardening and stopped to talk to her. She was 101 years old and was part of the LeBaron Ranch Family, which were one of the first families to arrive and grow hops and prunes in Dry Creek Valley. It was her wish to sell her land to a family that would use the land for grapes or hops, but most of all would stay within a family tradition. That spring day was the start of the Manning Family – Chateau Diana Winery.

Tom and Diane are no longer with us, but their children Dawn and Corey Manning have carried on their dream. In 2013, their children opened the Chateau Diana Tasting Room in honor of their parents, which looks over the majestic Dry Creek Valley. Don’t be surprised if you run into Dawn, Corey or any of the 3rd generation. You will always be treated like a Manning Family friend.

In honor of the growing region, Dawn and Corey released the 707 Sonoma County Wines. In October of 2017, Sonoma County was devastated by the fires and it took Corey’s family home. It was in that moment that the 707 Wines represented more than the area code of the region: they meant that we and our community were 707 STRONG.

For the first time, our winemaker, Dawne Sacchetti, is releasing these hand-crafted 707 Sonoma County wines outside our tasting room.

The 707 Red Blend is inky black/purple in color, with black fruit and warm wood aromas with a touch of dried herbs. The flavors are just bursting with more dense, ripe black fruits, dusty plums with intricate layers of cola, anise, cinnamon and lots of black raspberries. The complexity of the layers continues forever on the palate. Spectacular on all fronts. The 707 Sonoma Red Blend is open to many possibilities. May we suggest pairing it with lamb shank, chili con carne, roasted pork, skirt steaks, or even a savory Charcuterie board.