Our inspiration for this wine comes from two sources - the earliest wines made at Montevina in Amador and a series of blends that were named Arte and crafted by Domenico Clerico in Italy’s Piemonte region. Now you are probably wondering why? Mountain grown in the favor zone! Montevina was essentially California’s first new, exciting winery project in our foothills, while Clerico’s Arte was a novel approach to blending and aging. It was also a minor revelation during Piemonte’s late 20th century revitalization. We thought now for something totally different! It is highly likely our ‘BZ’ (Barbera & Zinfandel) blend from the foothills (in this case El Dorado) will ever become as ubiquitous as a Central Coast ‘GSM’ (a three letter acronym for Grenache, Syrah & Mourvedre) but as Bill Graham once famously said of the Grateful Dead… “Not only are they the best at what they do, they are the only ones doing what they do.”

After a few days of cold maceration, the lots were inoculated. Then post-fermentation and pressing, filled to barrels so a malo-lactic conversion took place wood. In late Feb, select French oak barrels (including 36% new, plus 36% once used) were racked and blended, with the aging continuing for another six months.

Elegant and intriguing; spicy and toasty oak aromas, mingling with the aromas and flavors of black cherry and blackberry, plus a hint of vanilla; with a focused attack; very complete and nuanced, having a long finish.