Straight out of the gate, this wine screams “Sonoma Coast” more than ever. Always the denser, more dramatic sister of our Small Town blend, Sascha’s displays amazing purity this year. Conditions at harvest gave us the classic ripe black fruit flavors and aromas Roberts Road Vineyard is known for, but with much more lively acidity than usual. Frankly, this is some of the finest we’ve seen from this vineyard and we’re thrilled to share it.

Once the wine settled for a few months in barrel it was obvious we had some stellar juice on our hands, and for this vintage Roberts Road comprises nearly the entirety of the Sascha Marie blend. We got the depth of fruit we were looking for but also the structure and finesse. The complete package from this stellar vineyard for sure.

A classic Sonoma Coast pinot nose of black raspberry and cherry and savory spice lead to a vibrant, shimmering core of the same on the palate. To borrow an expression, “this wine really pinots.”

Although its already quite irresistible, this Sascha’s is going to age like a champ, so please sock some away! Prime drinking is Summer 2019 to 2025, and graceful ageability through 2026+